It’s time to normalize wearing an Apple Watch and a traditional watch together

I’m going to try to promote you on adopting an unnatural practice. I’m speakme approximately double-wristing, and to prevent a volatile Google seek, this is the exercise of wearing a smartwatch (in this situation, the Apple Watch Series 7) on one wrist and a traditional watch on the alternative. Fair warning, in case you achieve this, then human beings may come up with sideways glances, pals may question why you’re doing such a unusual component, and your body is going to take a bit while to evolve as you get used to a brand new feeling. This has virtually been my experience, but it’s been worth it.

I cannot claim to be the first to push doing so, however I am going to say now is the time to normalize it. As smartwatch tech becomes evermore essential healthwise and the desirability of traditional watches keeps to rise, it’s time to 2-time and double-wrist.

Double what now?
I’m willing to guess most of you both put on one watch at a time, or don’t wear a watch in any respect. The thought of sporting watches at the identical time will therefore sound like madness, some thing in order to handiest single you out as an eccentric. But it’s truly no longer as rare as you might imagine. This can be the primary time you’re listening to approximately it, however in case you frequently examine about conventional watches, or spend time in the organization of hardcore watch nerds, double-wristing can also have already come up as a topic.

Edox watch and Apple Watch.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Influential watch book Hodinkee posted a tale on carrying a conventional watch and an Apple Watch together in 2019 whilst the Apple Watch Series 4 become new, and closing year the team at Time + Tide had an issue about the virtues of doing the equal element. In the sector of celebrities, sporting watches on the identical time is likewise a factor, as proven on this full-size piece posted by means of The New York Times, which incorporates two-watch wearers like Chris Pratt, Billie Eilish, or even the past due Princess Diana.

Actor Bill Murray maximum lately captured headlines by means of wearing two watches at the Cannes Film Festival this yr. He had a Timex Easy Reader really worth about $55 on one wrist, and a Cartier Tank Solo well worth lots on the alternative. I warned you approximately searching eccentric, and this pairing definitely fits into this category, however I’m not suggesting you do precisely similar to Mr. Murray, simply some thing comparable.

This looks like a very good time to speak about how I’m suggesting you put on two watches on the equal time. To make clear, I’m now not pronouncing wear two watches on the equal wrist. It may additionally have been correct for Hunter S. Thompson and his Rolex watches, however it’s really no longer very cozy at all, and does seem a touch unnecessary when we virtually have two wrists, with one most of the time going spare. No, double-wrist your watches rather.

Why you must provide it a try
Now that that’s looked after out, it’s time to talk about whysome of you should start doing this. The Apple Watch, much like all interest trackers, has continually required commitment to get the quality from it, however over the past couple of years, it has emerge as even more informative about our health, fitness, and well-being. From fall detection and atrial fibrillation warnings to workout tracking, sleep monitoring, and an automated handwashing timer, the Apple Watch is fantastically succesful, however most effective whilst it’s worn.

G-Shock and Apple Watch.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
However a great deal I love the Apple Watch, I also truly like conventional watches, so which one of those do I put on? Only placing something on one wrist, simply because that’s on the whole how it has usually been finished, is surprisingly restrictive after I in reality have every other wrist simply sitting there idle. I want the life monitoring supplied by way of a smartwatch, however I additionally need to revel in sporting a traditional watch that I love, that expresses my taste, and that I possibly have a extra non-public reference to.

For a while, I conformed with society and wore one watch, and nearly all the time when I left the residence, it was a conventional one. But whilst the Apple Watch Series 6 came out, I started wearing two together greater regularly, and now that the Series 7 is right here with its greater pace, fabulous display screen, and elevated sturdiness, I’ve come to be an almost full-time double-wrister.

I now understand more approximately my hobby tiers, higher apprehend my heart fee, miss fewer notifications, and could advantage extra over the long term because of the Watch’s enormous historic fitness facts. I already knew the Apple Watch had to be worn, however I went thru periods of handiest using it now and again, especially when I had recently offered a brand new conventional watch. By using my otherwise vain second wrist, the catch 22 situation of which to put on — and whilst — has absolutely long gone away.

How to do it well
Am I winning you over but? Let’s flow directly to address the really big trouble: It’s going to make you seem like a big nerd, at the least till my assignment to normalize the act actually Swiss made chronograph takes hold. Wearing watches is by no means, ever going to make you a fashion icon, however it shouldn’t simply be a case of putting an eye fixed on every wrist and being completed with it. If you placed a few concept into double-wristing your watches, you may as a minimum look extra … prepare. You wouldn’t put on clashing socks or footwear, so why not coordinate watch styles, at the least to a certain volume?

Seiko watch and Apple Watch.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Doing so lessens the initially jarring visual of wearing an eye fixed on each wrist, and makes it appear to be you’ve purposely put two on. The traditional watch should always be the main attraction, and due to the sizable and easy customization of the Apple Watch, getting it to complement the other watch shouldn’t be that a good deal of a project. Alternatively, you can tone the Apple Watch right down with a simple black strap and minimalist watch face, placing all attention for your other wrist.

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